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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  September 11, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> 14 years since 9/11. we remember the families of those who lost their lives in that terrible attack. jenna: always will. see you back here in an hour. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> this is "outnumbered" on this fine friday. i'm harris faulkner. here today sandra smith, andrea tantaros, democratic strategist and fox news contributor julie row begins city, and our #oneluckyguy. former member of navy seal team six, rob o'neill. we're glad he is with us on important day to share his insights and as america reps september 11th, 2001, your life, our lives changed forever. >> they are changed. so good to be here ben, on 9/11 anniversary in new york. this is a city that doesn't forget. so real on the stage to deal with families.
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how it still affects them to this very day. to just realize i was part of the end result of what i think is the finest team ever assembled to take down the mastermind pretty much of those horrible attacks. >> we'll talk to you particularly about strategy and tactics. >> glad to be here, appreciate it. >> we begin with observances around the nation 14 years later. at white house, president obama and first lady led a moment of silence at 8:46 eastern when the first plane hid the world trade center. defense secretary ash carter laid a wreath at pentagon for the people we lost there. shanksville, pennsylvania, did he caded a new memorial for the brave men and women who died on flight 93. who attacked attackers before it could crash into the white house or u.s. capitol it was thought. world trade center, the site in lower manhattan where 2700 people were killed. bells rank, tears flowed.
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the names of the dead red aloud. joining us from ground zero, hallowed ground, our very own rick leventhal. rick? report report harris, this is difficult and challenging day for family members whose lives were lost on 9/11. this year for the first time more than any day before there is a sense of rebirth here at ground zero. there is tremendous improvement in the site and neighborhood surrounding it on lower manhattan. back in 2001 there were roughly 20,000 people living in lower manhattan. in the weeks and months, 10,000 people moved out of this neighborhood. today there are 70,000 people living in lower manhattan and the number continues to grow as the site itself continues to grow. one world trade was opened first time on 9/11, about 2/3 filled with tenants. memorial is wide open to anyone who wants to visit. museum as well finished and work
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continues on surrounding towers. very difficult day certainly for family members who gather here every year. they are a collective family and getting stronger according to joe daniels the president of the 9/11 memorial and museum. >> if you think about where we were 14 years ago, years after that now, we're at a place that has been transformed. you see the one world trade center, other towers springing up all around it. the memorial has all of its trees in place. it looks beautiful. museum opened life truly returned. that is not just good for the family members but all new yorkers and everyone across the country who remember how bad it used to be down here. >> reporter: this is always a day of high alert for nypd and other agencies tasked with keeping lower manahattan and entire city has changed with the threats changing from al qaeda to other terror agents and lone wolves may be affiliated with those terror groups.
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in fact this week the congressional homeland security committee held a field hearing inside of 9/11 on the new generation of terrorists and how dramatically how things have changed from bin laden caves and couriers to the isis and internet. nypd commissioner bill bratton says the department thwarted some 20 plots since 9/11 and continue to adapt to the threats. >> we have extraordinarily police department continuing reforming ourself to the threat picture. that threat picture changed dramatically with isis and isil but we're adjusting to deal with it. >> reporter: commissioner bratton says people should feel safe today, not just new yorkers but 57 million tourist who is will visit the city this year, harris. as reading of the names at the world trade center site continues behind us. >> you know, rick, this is one of those instances when people understand that sometimes the news is personal for journalists and i know for you it certainly
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was and your camera crew, you guys kept rolling through some incredible moments that really taught the rest of us about the horrors that were on the ground. can you kind of take us back a little bit? >> reporter: i get chills thinking about it, harris. when you brought it up i get chills. it was the darkest day of my reporting career and my life and moist lives of people around us. it was horror in the streets. i guess the worst thing bit was uncertainty of not knowing what was happening. at that point, you're watching now, we knew the tower was coming down but that was because it was second tower to come down of the first one we had no idea what was even happening. we ran into the truck to find refuge and the world went dark because the dust just enveloped us. it was just awful and very, very difficult for my and for my colleagues to do our jobs that day. >> my heart pounds, you take us back to that moment. rick leventhal, thank you very
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much for your reporting on this then and now. >> reporter: thank you. >> well it's clear the terrorist the hit us hard that day, no doubt. a lot of lessons learned for those tasked with protecting us we imagine which makes this developing story particularly troubling. inspector general is investigating a stunning report. have you heard about this? more than 50 intelligence analysts working with the u.s. military central command made a formal complaint. they say their paperwork on islamic terrorist army was inappropriately altered by senior officials. here is the detail to know. they reportedly say their words were portrayed to portray the terror group than weaker than analysts believed them to be perhaps in an effort to stick to the obama administration's public line that the united states is winning the battle against isis. pentagon press secretary peter cook was asked about this yesterday and whether the defense secretary would hold anybody responsible? here's his answer.
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>> he expects candid intelligence analysis to come in his direction, for folks to call it like they see it. that is his expectations. he does get intelligence from a variety of different sources. there are disagreements sometimes within the intelligence community. that is a good thing. >> you know i guess my big question, rob, whether or not something like this would have informed or had any effect how we were going to fight these savages of isis? >> right now it seems like in my experience these are intelligence analysts from central command. that will be variety pretty much all four blanches military and other government agencies. people on the ground and people gathering intelligence however they do it, they will not be ones altering everything. they will deliver the hard truth. here is what is happening. here is what we need. at some point up the chain of command it starts to get political. maybe i don't want to upset my boss. maybe i work it out this way.
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i never seen it personally but wouldn't surprise me. >> i can't believe it wouldn't affect the fight, andrea. perhaps that would inform how we put assets in place. >> no question. intelligence shouldn't be political. this is not about right or left. this is not the first time we've seen it come from this administration. remember in june of this year, senators, republican senators on the senate intelligence committee called out james clapper and said in your intelligence report that you submitted to us, you downplayed the threat of hezbollah and of iran. why would they do that? because they wanted to remove the state sponsor of terror label on iran so that they could push through this iran deal. we know already as rob points out this administration is capable of tinkering with the intelligence to fit a storyline that they want for political reasons. and rob, i ask you, is it because they are managing up to a president that does not want to acknowledge, one that we're at war with radical islam and -- are they managing up to appease obama even though he doesn't really read his intelligence
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reports anyway truth telling? >> i want to put out a positive message and not admit we're even at war with islamic terrorists, maybe they alter it that way. i could see a point to rival intelligence agency, too much redunn san sy where people don't want to share intelligence with other -- redundancy. i hate to see intelligence shouldn't be left or right. it should be an american thing. that's what it has got to be. >> the president has taken a lot of criticism, we talked about it previously, sandra, the jv team remark. maybe this is might of what the president might have been looking at? >> this isn't the only remark. the president has been painting the rosie picture about our fight against isis and islamic terrorists. isis is losing. john allen, retired marine military general, that was in july. john kerry says we will beat and ultimately degrade and destroy isil. that was in march. the president said, no, i don't think we're losing. that was in may.
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all along what we're finding out things were only getting worse. they were seizing major territories, oil fields. they were gaining money and more traction. >> of course they were and they still are. the trend people colling out saying we're not doing as well as we're saying people retiring or have retired or left office. >> good point. >> i'm not trying to point people. why is it just that? everyone in there saying it is fine and it is good. >> those three people have a little bit in common. julie, i want to ask you something, how does this make the white house and administration look when you learn about this. >> if this is happening and directed from unconscionable same way we found out bush manipulated intelligence to get us into iraq. there is no excuse to do that what concerns me about rob said, you make a very good point, i hope it is not true, rival intelligence agencies competing with each other and not sharing information that is exactly 9/11 commission said we had intelligence failure. >> we got attacked.
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>> attacked on 9/11. this happens 14 years later. >> it is troubling thing. people start to forget we're fighting one common theme. >> that's right. >> we need to share but some people, they want to own their target. >> quickly want to say, it wasn't the bush administration the evidence. it was evidence that the world was looking at. if you forget wasn't united states wint into iraq. which can argue what happened where you and i agree about fighting democracy promotion. to your point, this is administration already admit, clapper conceded they deliberately omitted that information. they're already on record, harris saying they tried to down play a threat from hezbollah and of iran. we know that was for political reasons. guess what? they're doing it again. >> what is troubling about this, rob, these are not just a few people from a couple of different places. these are some 50 people. >> 50 plus people. >> think how much it takes to have 50 people have a common experience about anything let
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alone 50 people in the same room. >> they have talked about it. they have collaborated. we need to come forward. they wouldn't be investigating an reporting it if it wasn't happening. >> does this make us less safe what julie sid. >> huge concern to me if this report is accurate, it is unconscionable, should end. >> what is different between today and yesterday, the pentagon is investigating. we'll report later on. major developments on capitol hill. how large makers are voting right now on the iran nuclear deal. we will have very latest. when it happens we'll give it to you. white house's latest effort to help europe's biggest humanitarian crisis since world war ii. it involves bringing thousands of refugees to the united states. we continue toe talk about this on "outnumbered," the question emerges how do we know who the people are when they come into the country? one leading republican joining chorus of voices saying the move could put us at risk. stay close. ♪ help support brain health
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♪ >> welcome back to "outnumbered." we are awaiting major developments on capitol hill where house lawmakers voting to whether to approve the iran nuclear agreement. the vote is designed by republicans to put democratic supporters on that deal, on the
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record, lawmakers also expected to vote on separate measure later preventing president obama from lifting sanctions on iran until 2017. all of this coming after senate democrats voted yesterday to block an effort to cripple the nuclear accord and although house and senate republicans vowed to press on with the fight, these latest developments essentially hand president obama a major foreign policy victory. florida senator marco rubio speaking about the deal earlier today. >> this is not a fight over funding a railroad track somewhere or opening up a post office.ue about radical lunatics poe testing a nuclear weapon and we'll do everything we can in order to stop it. we'll find, we'll be creative about it. we'll continue to bring this issue up. we'll do everything we can to derail it. >> obviously marco rubio feeling very strongly about this as most republicans do but it looks like this is going to happen. >> it looks like it is going to happen but a good idea to get a
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vote to see who voted for it so they can be held accountable. this is not partisan political problem. this is an american and a world problem. we can't give iran a pathway to a legal nuclear weapon. so we're on path -- we were actively, actively negotiating with a country that killed 500 americans due to their technology, their explosively formed penetrators in iraq. people have been maimed by them. right now they're holding four of our hostages. that hasn't been brought up. the entire time we're waiting to sign the deal chanting death to america like a slogan and they're serious. >> we find ourselves, andrea, in a position where we wonder the world looks like post the approval of this deal? >> not only that, sandra, but this is beginning of an arms race in the middle east. saudis expressed interest. israel expressed interest. >> ambassador john bolton told us sitting on the couch, we're already there. >> president obama has no interest making us nuclear or looking at nuclear energy here at home.
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something you said that was so important, rob, 500 americans iran killed during the iraq war. so many people forget that, the history of our relationship with iran. they are a state sponsor of terror and one of our greatest enemies. not only four hostages they're holding but they are an enemy of the united states. we've essentially taken millions of dollars, handed to them. united states is basically green lighting this. opening up trade doors and so they can fund more terror against us. >> we had marines on peacekeeping mission in beirut, 1983. iran backed hezbollah and blew them up, killed them all. >> not popular thing to say in the democratic party, i do think we need a vote. >> do need a vote. >> filibuster i'm opposed to it. i'm opposed to it when democrats in majority. i'm opposed to it now. people should go on the record. i happen to be not a supporter of this deal. i think better than alternative
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there is no deal and russians and chinese and everything else will do what they will do anyway. >> problems start when we lift sanctions, they get money -- >> we're not lifting bilateral sanctions to your point it is very important to me people are able to express their vote. democrats should end filibuster. they won't though. >> to rob's point, lifts of sanctions we talk about the money aspect of this, and money means power. lifting of sanctions on oil supplies coming out of iran. they have a long time reined in oil production. you lift on sanctions. oil supplies go back on the market. all that does is continue to fund iran and its -- >> they will have the technology for intercontinental ballistics missile. 13 years. 100 can have nuclear tips. you don't need icbmss for defense. you need them to hit cities in the united states of america. >> talk about iran as an enemy,
9:21 am
that doesn't get spoken about. when you talk about how many americans they have killed. look, we've done deals with enemies before. this is specific kind of enemy. you've been on the battleground. describe this enemy. >> this enemy is very ruthless. they have the famous general, i don't want to say his name, leading people in sadr city. many seals were killed. hitting roadside bombs in the green zone, inciting a civil war. a lot of civil war started because of iran. think want to fight everyone over there. ultimately what they want, armageddon. they want end of the world. nuclear weapon is good way to start. >> this is beginning of that. >> sure it is. >> is that the way -- >> especially on 9/11. what a horrible day that was. imagine when a nuclear weapon hits new york, or washington or chicago. >> i don't want to imagine. >> you doesn't, you don't believe somebody bad can happen until it does. i talked to somebody that said, i didn't know people hated us
9:22 am
that much. >> when you put this in context about the pentagon investigation and people in charge of the intelligence and their words being altered as it went up the chain of command this is really troubling. this is scary. >> troubling when you take politics over potential reality. winning election by losing thousands of people. >> but, rob, do you consider iran is counter weight to isis in the middle east? >> in perfect world isis would try to fight iran and get rid of each other and everybody would be happy. >> agreed. like iran-iraq war. 10 years they gave up -- >> exactly but good way for them to fight. >> before we wrap up, andrea, we're waiting for first vote to take place. second one on the sanctions. do you expect any surprises out of this. >> no, i don't. unfortunately, the republicans are not going to be a able to defeat this bill which is technically a treaty which is a shame. there is one benefit i do think, that is as rob points out making them own these votes.
9:23 am
just like obamacare this is far more dangerous and damaging this is democratic bill and democratic deal and they need to own it and repercussions of it. if in some way they can put the votes on record, maybe republicans have a chance. >> americans need to -- because a lot of them checked out this summer. democrats were able to take advantage of that. they may have heard from some of their constituents when they went hole on summer break but pressure was not applied by the american public. they didn't have the time. if you look at dates, 159 pages, not a lot. ask each household to drill down. >> taking steps as i mentioned in the last block, sandra, to remove iran off the state sponsor of terror list, manipulating intelligence and manipulating intelligence to get a political goal. as you point out, when a missile hits a city what do we do then. >> that vote is taking place on
9:24 am
the house floor. we'll give you any news as it breaks. white house will accept 10,000 syrian refugees in the country over the next year. the big concern about national security and whether that is really the best idea. plus a new poll showing hillary clinton's lead for the democratic nomination plummeting to just 10 points. what to make of her dwindling support and the big reason behind this. ♪ i was out for a bike ride. i didn't think i'd have a heart attack. but i did. i'm mike, and i'm very much alive. now my doctor recommends a bayer aspirin regimen to help prevent another heart attack. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. you can't breathed. through your nose. suddenly, you're a mouthbreather. well, just put on a breathe right strip which instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right when your windshield needs for these parents, driving. around was the only way...
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♪ >> welcome back to "outnumbered." major concerns following the announcement from the white house that the united states will accept 10,000 syrian refugees displaced by the war over there over the next year. many in washington concerned about the threat to our national security including presidential candidate senator rand paul. >> i would be very, very careful, even of the 60,000 iraqis that came over here after the war, some of them, even in
9:29 am
my little town, bowling green, kentucky, have tried to attack us. i think we have to be very, very careful and in some ways, we have to try to not create or be part of such a mess, that allows disaster and famine to continue over there. >> the chairman of the homeland security committee on counterintelligence and terrorism, congressman peter king, saying in a statement, the administration is moving forward full speed ahead without the necessary security backbone in place. i oppose this decision. we do not want another boston marathon bombing. the white house saying that there will still be intense background checks that can sometimes take as long as two years to complete. wow is right. and harris, i go pack to what an administration official said right before, goes back to clapper, senior intelligence administration official, before the president said he would take 10,000 refugees. one of the things as they descend on europe one of the things we worry about is what is
9:30 am
their background. we don't put it past isil to infiltrate among the refugees. this is a huge concern. >> one of the things, american public should absolutely hate moving numbers whether therefore up or down. we have 65,000. now we take 10. i will take two. this is mission, rob, weigh in on this, you can't keep track of. it is not written down. can we see what they plan to do and how they will execute it? can we see that? moving numbers as journalist it will indicate that it will continue to move and we'll have mission creep. >> my first thought that 10,000 refugees. how many will that be. a lot more. >> 65,000 originally. >> right. it is going to be -- >> background, checks, rob that take two years. we don't know exactly who they are coming into the country as harris points out. we've seen numbers go up before in other instances, whether cost of something or how many illegals coming into the country.
9:31 am
so potential for isis to infiltrate these refugees. >> they admitted back in february, they will use it, stealth jihad or some word, i don't know if you announce stealth but they did say they would take advantage of chaos with refugees. they will infiltrate western europe. eventually be on our door stop. the problem it is happening now. a lot of these pictures you see, we call military age males, as refugees. yes, i'm sure some of them are trying to get out and horrible thing for the families. with a lost males, why aren't they fighting their own civil war? >> i wrote a column about this because i was political refugee. i can speak from experience when i came here from the soviet union which we recall was bigger threat when i came here in 1980 than isis ever is today. people tend to forget, massive cold war and spread to nuclear armed soviet union. we went through exact same thing. people thought we were here to infiltrate. people called me a commie until
9:32 am
1990 over and over again. i will tell you right now the reason my family came here that exactly 99% of the people threing syria want to come here for better life. they want to come here for better opportunity for their children. in their case, different from my case they are coming here because they are truly risk of being killed if they stay. if these men are coming here in disproportionate numbers, purely, purely because of the men of countries first for generations to establish a foothold for their families before they bring their kids and wives over here. happened with the italians and -- >> do they really want to come here? if they cam here, sandra i am sure they want all benefits of united states. >> greatest country. >> will they a simulate. >> i understand the point you're making. very eloquent point and very personal point. the question becomes can we trust this administration, this government, to take on ref few fees that doesn't threaten our national security? >> first of all this is same exact argument with germans in
9:33 am
the 19th century and italians. >> not -- >> i heard it all morning on twitter, julie. there is reality we don't want to talk about in this country that is people who want to a simulate and other cultures do not. italians, greek, germ mans they made an effort. >> same argument night is. >> why you make people earn citizenship. >> what do you think these people are doing. don't just hand it out. >> these people will -- >> you asked europe how well taking all refugees is going without a simulation. >> look at communities in france. look at neighborhoods in london. look how well it is going without a simulation. i'm sorry, julie not the same thing. >> this country is built on refugees built on refugees from all every at world. same fears were stoked. they will not simulate. not part of the american experience. >> puritans about the catholics and thin about the italians. >> complete naivete to acknowledge that multiculturalism is just a win, win for everybody.
9:34 am
it really is and more we ignore this -- >> you're greek descent. i'm russian descent. we a simulated. >> look at dearborn, michigan. >> what makes us different. >> look at other communities. >> i think we know what makings different the way radical islam treats woman. they are not going to a simulate. >> best friend going up -- >> you're so naive when we talk about. >> i'm not naive. closest friend in the world is muslim. no different rens between me. >> i'm to the painting them all with the same brush but. >> horrible. >> you don't acknowledge with radical islam. and hand out citizenship. >> we're not. takes years and years. >> we're going around in a circle here. i would say this -- >> continue to be killed. >> personal story. we appreciate you sharing that. there are a lot of families all over the world who want to come here. we have to figure out how to get it done agreed, right. >> yep. >> make sure people coming here want to be here. >> breaking news. here is house floor vote we're watching live. first of two things we're watching from the house floor.
9:35 am
the bill to approve the iran deal, it certainly puts anybody who votes for it and against it on the spot. republicans wanting to see for the nation to see that democrats bet on the record were this very publicly. that did not pass. or it has passed, excuse me and it was expected to pass. so this is not exactly a shocker. but, the idea that who has voted for this. politically speaking on the hill they thought this was very important. now i've seen it. first of two things that mentioned. the second will be sanctions on iran. and restriction. that is expected to pass. that will come next. the sank shuns on iran not to be lifted until 2011. now that we know the deal has pa the 150 billion or so dollars flowing into the coffers of iran would be put on hold until 2017. expected to pass. we'll follow that as well. for now, the bill to approve the iran deal passing on the house
9:36 am
floor. sandra. >> thank you. hillary clinton on a downward slide. she can't seem to reach the brakes. in a new national poll finding her lead shrinking to just 10 points with 37% among democratic and democratically leaning voters. as support for her competitors both announced and unannounced grows. especially for vice president joe biden whose support is up six points in just the last month. julie, i have to go to you first on this one. what do you make much her declining support among democrats? >> i'm not surprised. people here see the "colbert report" yesterday? i'm sorry, the new show. >> talking about "the late show." let's get straight to that. rob i want weigh in joe biden appeared on "the late show" last night in emotional response whether he is considering a run for the presidency. >> look, i don't think any man
9:37 am
or woman should run for precedent unless -- president, unless number one they know exactly why they want to be president, and two, they can look folks out there and say i promise you you have my whole heart, my whole soul and my energy and my passion to do this and, and, i would be lying if i said that i knew i was there. >> rob, your reaction? >> obviously he has gone through an incredible loss recently. he has run for president many times. vice president two terms. knows what it takes to get in there. i really think he is one of the people that speaks his mind. he really says what he thinks, what he believes. sometimes gotten him in trouble, whatever he talks like he is human being. you know, one part of the morning he will run for president but at night he is not. it is normal i would think -- >> talking about differences -- >> seems like he wants to. then he is not sure.
9:38 am
he is smart enough to realize he needs to do it 100%. >> contrast that, that is my bowl point,dmy whole point, contrast with "new york times" article she is being more genuine or spontaneous. i didn't know you could leak to the "new york times" to be spontaneous. you see why she is declining. you can love joe biden or hate him, he most genuine guy out there. >> so joe biden plan b? >> i'm not sure it is, for a lot of democrats it may be plan a. me included. i love joe bide inch. i hope he does run. >> when i was thinking tale of two joes, earlier situation where he was excited and late-night situation where he was thoughtful and somber. i tend to think somebody gave him notes on that. you don't want to get in there and take out the other woman who is running. you have to make the nation know that you have suffered a personal loss.
9:39 am
maybe you back off a little bit. what does that position him to do? joe biden rescuer. the only thing between now and next week is time. if hillary clinton is biding his time, bide inch biding his time, i kind of like that, he can bide his time. she can potentially slide, maybe, and he can jump in. why earlier in the day announce you're all raring to go. i guess he might have gotten a little bit of suggestion put by his camp. >> such an interesting observation, think about it. president obama was essentially the glass sealing that blocked hillary clinton from winning white house. joe biden would be the second glass sealing for another woman winning white house. but i also think the man is grieving. he will be happy and there will be moments very somber because he is grieving. he is authentic and loveable. even though he says silly stuff, even as republican, would you want a beer with that guy? i think a lot of people say he
9:40 am
is liberal, just like you, julie i still would have beer. >> we have them all the time. yeah. >> 1:00 p.m. eastern. where we are going. >> that is the way we roll. we have disagreements and 1:00 somewhere. whoo. >> that may actually be happening. >> as republican candidates gear up for debate number two next wednesday, all eyes on carly fiorina, who now gets to play on the main stage. plus, what to do about donald trump. how his rivals are strategizing to take him on. and as we remember, 9/11. rob o'neill reflects where he was at that day, the hunt for usama bin laden and the words he will never forget. i have type 2 diabetes.
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9:45 am
stage. rivals of donald trump are reportedly strategizing how to take him out. carly fiorina making that prime time stage after change in cnn's criteria. candidates who didn't poll high enough will get their shot in the undercard debate earlier in the evening. julie, as a democrat who are you watching the closest? >> donald trump because he is so amusing. this is not partisan analysis there is entertainment analysis. i'm impressed with carly fiorina. everything she handled the her way she handle it even the comments about her looks, trump says was not about her looks. i don't agree with her much shy is handling her so well, i like cnn being on the big stage. >> a democrat on couch loves her. >> i may not agree with anything but she is the almost the adult in the room. >> she went from one stage,
9:46 am
early debate stage here on fox to the big stage. we all predicted that would happen. almost happened that night because people were having to react to some of the things she said previously. >> sandra she really is going to be the factor that i think shakes things up because she wasn't with the boys on the other stage last name around. she clearly overperformed and out, i think just exceeded expectation. >> i remember noting how many of the initial comments in the first debate included the economy and i was so proud that it was mentioninged so many times and brought up so many times i think carly fiorina, and donald trump by the way have a real opportunity to shine there. marco rubio, i think, you know, he is always going to be in the spotlight as a very solid debater. he is always going to set that tone. i look forward to seeing and hearing from him. but all around i think this will be another spectacular debate. i look forward to hearing from all of them. >> rob, there are some candidates too who really can't afford to have another terrible debate performance. there are others we might need to send you to go find them on a
9:47 am
mission because sometimes they barely get a question. who will you be watching outside of fiorina and a trump? anybody catch your eye? >> i liked governor kasich. i like the way he leads. i like what he has done. i always like to hear what ben carson says. i'm interested. i just talked to governor christie today on the set here. he is a straight talker too, like, which is pretty much what the country is being look for right now. that is why donald trump is so successful. bernie sanders, he is a straight talker. i might disagree with him. he saying what he thinks. people like that. that will be interesting. without mentioning carly, having her on the stage is going to be great. i would love to see her debate hillary. >> we all would. >> hillary can't pull war on woman card. i actually have to have an answer. >> harris, when i look at the other candidates too, some of them, the last debate, jeb bush was eh. marco rubio did well. we didn't hear a lot from maybe rand paul and others. anyone you're watching closely? >> i will watch both debates.
9:48 am
i'm watching for rick santorum in the first, senator santorum. i wonder what happened along the way not resonating with voters as has previously. john kasich was name. i was in the midwest in chicago, he kept coming up. he is from ohio in the midwest but interesting how a lot of people are talking. >> he likes the way he leads. he is the dark horse. anyway as nation marks 14 years since the 9/11 terror attacks, reflections from rob o'neill, the the man who took part in the mission to take out usama bin laden the 9/11 mastermind. rob's efforts to support 9/11 scribing timms and their families next. -- victims. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda.
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>> more "outnumbered" in just a moment. first let's get to jon scott with what is coming up second hour of "happening now." jon? jon: sandra, neck hour of september 11th, we'll take you to somber events spanning the nation marking 14th anniversary of attacks on 2001 an those killed in battle ever since. busy day in congress as lawmakers vote to hold several votes on iran deal. we'll explain what it means for the white house. donald trump finding himself on top of another poll. good news for ben carson as well. scott walker appears to be in
9:53 am
some trouble in this poll. the 2016 ahead and "media buzz"'s howard kurtz on trump mania. >> look forward to it, jon. thank you. jon: thank you. >> freedom itself was attacked this morning by a faceless coward. and freedom will be defended. >> that was fourteen years ago. former president george w. bush following the worst terror attacks orchestrated by usama bin laden. in president bush's words had profound impact on man next to me, rob o'neill. whose years later would defend freedom as member of navy seal team six who took out bin laden. your thoughts on this day? >> something to be back in new york. i think everything from the families, every time i come to new york, different family members affected, i think back to the team that went in to get him. team of men and women who found him, those words president bush spoke, that was something saying to myself on helicopter ride
9:54 am
into the compound in abbottabad, pakistan. i was counting and said freedom was attacked by faceless coward and freedom will be defended. >> people said to you, they're surprised to hear you talk about this it was only a year ago you began to talk about this families had reaction to that. can we show ail are it about of that? >> sure. >> i want to thank you. on behalf of my son who was killed and other family members. >> you met with some families. you had a special gift to give some of those families. >> well that was, footage there was day i gave, shirt i wore in usama bin laden's bedroom to the museum anonymously. we had a crew just to document it. part of the deal i was got a tour. i went into a room on the tour. there were family members there.
9:55 am
they wanted to hear part of the story. off the top of my head i started talking. i had been speaking publicly few years at that point. first time i ever told the story. the reaction you saw there. i'm not afraid anymore. healing process. every time i come to new york i talk to different members. i talked to woman who was on phone with her husband. he was on the is hundredth floor -- 100 they're. there is big fire. she said get out of there. and talked to him. and south tower was hit of the meeting me, someone who was there for the closure, reason i came out with the story was just that. that is the only reason i came out wit. >> dr. condoleeza rice was at an event, navy seal foundation in chicago, tribute to navy seals and their families. she mentioned first-responders and how many are former military. do you have any thoughts about that.
9:56 am
>> how many first-responders were former military? yeah, famous people getting out of tower, one is first responder. they run into it. there were firefighters, port authority, nypd knew they were going to die that day. they went in there anyway. they went in there to get as many out. emergency responders. i talked to a woman who lost her son. they found him six months after the toewer collapsed. found him laying on top of a woman he was trying to protect. as operators we're probably not coming back from this mission, but because of those people they weren't supposed to fight. we will. he i had did. we'll get him. >> god bless you for your service. thank you very much. >> thank you.
9:57 am
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> rob, good to have you. we live in great country no matter. what you're on our side. >> thank you, sir. >> remembering 9/11. "happening now" starts right now. 9/11 attacks. >> they are joining 300 motorcycle riders. we are covering all of the news


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